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ADDRESS: Warehouse & Showroom:
Main Road Sedgefield
Western Cape
PO Box 800
South Africa
TEL: +27 44 343-1008
FAX: +27 44 343-1009
EMAIL: enquiries@africanaffair.net


KINDLY NOTE: All prices quoted on the website, does not include delivery charges.

The customer is responsible for the costs of and collection of products, at our physical address, unless otherwise agreed.

Should the customer request African Affair to arrange delivery on their behalf, it will be at the customers costs and risks in respect of the handling of goods and timeous delivery of goods, as soon as the goods are removed from the premises of African Affair.  The customer must arrange their own insurance in this regard.  African Affair shall inform the customer of any unavoidable delay in the delivery.

The customer, acknowledges that the goods delivered (including the manner of delivery and packaging) was examined and found to be in good order.

The customer accept that, should the goods have any defect, the customer must immediately inform African Affair in writing, and promptly claim the refund, remedy or repairs.

The customer accept that he/she will not claim a refund or remedy should the goods delivered be disassembled, physically altered, permanently installed, affixed or joined to other goods or property.

The customer accept full responsibility should goods be damaged due to misuse, abuse, gross negligence and / or failure on their part to comply with warnings, maintenance or safety instructions provided by the supplier and/or manufacturer.

The customer accept that a 10% handling fee will be charged for any goods returned.



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